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BetterNow Reality Check-In

Find out what's really going on in your organization


Every organization - new or old - does better when everyone is on the same page and moving in the same direction. 

What's the state of the state at your place?


  • What do people say about you?

  • How confident is your staff that you're on the right path and they have the right tools to do their jobs?

  • Are they performing at a high level?

  • What do critical stakeholders and customers have to say?

Our proprietary interview process uncovers the information you need.


  • How visible is your organization to the people who matter most?

  • Can potential customers find you easily on the internet?

  • Are you using social media effectively?

  • What are people saying in the marketplace about you?

  • What plans do you have in place to manage your reputation?


Our Reputation Rescue assessment guarantees that you put your best face forward every day. 


  • What are the critical processes in your organization? Are they efficient? Are they effective? Are they documented? 

  • When something goes wrong, where does the blame go? The most successful organizations blame the process, not the person. 

  • How adept are you at finding the potholes in your process?


Our process documentation and analysis experts help make sure your team follows the the right process, the right way, every time. 

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