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BNP Creative Solutions

Video is Worth a Million Words

Telling Your Story

You have a great story to tell. But even the best stories can go missing in the onslaught of information bombarding people today. Fortunately, we can turn your story into a compelling message with a clear call to action. We'll tell it in the right places, to all the right people, and generate results that matter.

Did You Know?

  • YouTube has over a billion subscribers

  • YouTube is the second most utilized search engine in the world, behind only Google

  • Viewers remember 95% of a message viewed as a video versus 10% as a written message

  • Organizations that use video grow revenue 49% faster than those that don't use video

30 Minutes to Fame™

30 Minutes to Fame™  is a creative, lasting way for associations to add value for their members. Using our proprietary 30 Minutes to Fame™ method, we work with members to create compelling video segments for use on their websites and in social media. Imagine the buzz at your next conference when you provide attendees not only learning and networking opportunities, but powerful tools for growing their business or their practice. 

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