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You Deserve Better - Now

Have you ever been going through a rough period and someone takes the time to sit down with you and listen as you vent your worries, your frustrations, your fears? It gives you the chance to sort through the racing thoughts that have you feeling like a hamster stuck on a wheel. At the end of the conversation, your listener, your patient sounding board asks, "How do you feel?" You think about it for a moment and reply, "I'm better now. Thanks." Your head feels clearer and you can finally take a deep, less frantic breath.

Time to get better.
Tell us about your organization. We have time to listen.

That's what BetterNow Partners is all about. We're here to listen to your concerns and find solutions that enable you to get off that wheel in your head. You can stop running so hard in the same spot and get back on the path to real, sustainable progress.

Helping our clients get closer to fulfilling their dreams isn't the only reason we founded BetterNow Partners. We decided to create an organization where clients, employees, network partners, and each person who works with us leaves every interaction feeling, well, better. Maybe it's as simple as a welcoming voice on the other end of the phone or a friendly email. Maybe it's something more complicated, such as finding the answer to a difficult question. Who knows? "Better" comes in many forms.

Over the years, we've seen too many well-meaning, mission-driven organizations fail because of passionate but inadequate leadership. We've seen too many companies disappear because of a business model whose time had come and gone or never arrived. Too many valuable employees whose contributions go unnoticed because no one took the time to listen. Too many customers under-served because of dysfunction in the provider organization.

There are better, smarter, more effective ways to run organizations, manage teams and serve customers.

Your customers and patients deserve better.

Your team deserves better.

You deserve better.

Whenever you're ready, we're here to listen.

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