Our Core Team

Where the Passion Begins

Tracy Hulett

Managing Partner

More than 25 years of consulting, leadership development, external affairs, and healthcare marketing in Fortune 100 companies and leading nonprofits. Recognized for innovation and collaborative leadership. 

"My strength is looking down the road, to see where an organization wants and needs to go. I'm an eternal optimist, and am convinced that every organization has the potential to be extraordinary."

Janet Barron

Managing Partner

Expert in membership/donor programming and management, health information management, digital marketing and business development.

"I'm the 'what if' person on the team; immersing myself in an organization's industry and culture helps me envision new ways to look at a situation and troubleshoot solutions."

Shawna Ramey, CPC, CPMA

Founder, Ramey Management Solutions

Partner - Healthcare Services

A seasoned consulting and practice management professional with deep knowledge of healthcare revenue cycle operations. She is a certified coder and auditor, and nationally recognized public speaker.

"My enthusiasm and passion for the patient/consumer and the "little guy" practice are what make me unique and set me apart from the crowd."

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